Every effective Skincare regimen should include the following based on skin type and concern.

  1. Daily Facial Cleanser - Daily use, depending on skin type. Normal/Oily/Combination skin will benefit from a gel cleanser, non foaming non oil stripping. Normal/Dry/Sensitive skin will benefit from a creamy, milky cleanser. 
  2. Exfoliant - As we age our cell renewal rate drastically slows down. Exfoliating speeds up the cell turnover rate, removes all those dead skin cells so when your new skin breaks through it’s fresh, clear and radiant.
  3. Astringent - Toners are great for not only leveling your natural PH after an exfoliation they are great for calming the skin, minimizing pores and controlling oil. However toners can also be drying if they contain alcohol or witch hazel. The recommended use is once per week after your weekly exfoliation. (Night)
  4. Serum - Typically thin in consistency so it easily penetrates skin for faster, effective results. They’re best when used twice a day. (brightening/hydrating/collagen boosting) 
  5. Eye Cream - Beneficial to all skin types and should be used twice daily. Eye creams will decrease puffiness, relieve tired eyes, brighten dark circles and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 
  6. Moisturizer - Should be a thicker consistency to slowly penetrate and hydrate the skin topically. This is why creams are more effective than oils, moisturizers should be used twice a day. 
  7. Broad Spectrum SPF - Is extremely important to all skin for daily use. The Sun is the #1 cause of aging skin. Sunscreen (spf) is necessary to protect your skin from both UVA/UVB rays so be sure it's minimum SPF 30 and broad spectrum, mineral SPF is highly recommended and should be worn everyday during daylight; NO EXCEPTIONS!